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These are  organizations that may specialize in a specific area of ministry such as evangelism, discipleship, feeding, sheltering, and clothing the poor, justice ministries, etc..... which believe in the principles, nature, Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of this organization.

This group may, or may not have obtained its own exemption status and may or may not have

incorporated, but would like to have association with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.

These organizations are recognized as independent, and are autonomous having their own Board,

Bylaws, Leaders, manage their own property, and govern themselves.

Independent member status

provides the organization accountability and care oversight for both the CEO and the members

(if applicable).

All ministry organizations, just like independent member churches regardless of denominational

background, which believe in the principles, nature, Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of

this organization, may make application to become a member of this association.


1. Mentorship If Needed

2. Help With Strategy And Vision Planning

3. Spiritual Gift & Callings Activation

4. Networking

5. Ministry Team development & Council

Membership Structure

The ministry shall be represented through their chief executive officer except when that person chooses a duly elected member of the organization that shall serve as the delegate and representative of that ministry.

Ministry organizations who are a part of any local or regional fellowship must make separate application to be an active member of this association, and to receive its benefits.

Names of ministry organizations will be placed in an annual directory.

Membership in this corporation confers no civil or property rights upon any member.

Please Click Either U. S. Or International Application Below

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