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While maintaining its inherent rights to govern its own affairs, this member shall voluntarily enter into full cooperative ministry affiliation with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. (Central organization). It shall share in the privilege of mentoring, training, networking opportunities, strategy council conducted by this Association, and to be able to fellowship with other churches, ministries, ministers, and individual Christians of likeminded faith. Those who meet the qualifications for membership are giving the rights be invited to attend membership meetings of this central organization, to speak at those meetings, and to serve on committees of this organization. Local churches, ministry organizations and ministers will receive a Membership, or minsters recognition certificate identifying them as members with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. These certificates are renewable annually on a calendar year basis. The local church may license, commission, and ordain ministers. Such licensed and ordained ministers shall be the responsibility of the local pastor, or church which confers said licensing, commissioning, or ordination. This association, in concert with the licensing, commissioning, or ordaining body, retains the right to recognize or withhold recognition for reasons of immorality or departure from the doctrine of Christ. Member Churches/Ministry Organizations shall be free to go wherever God may lead them to fulfill their own missionary/evangelistic endeavors.*

In church/ministry affiliation, your church/ministry becomes a part of the international body of churches, ministries, and ministers. Independent (Incorporated) churches/ministries will continue to own its assets and you will be responsible for bills that the church/ministry has. Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries does not guarantee your any church/ministry financial support but it does broaden your possibilities to receive support because you become a part of a network of others that have the same or similar mission, to see God’s kingdom mission manifested on earth through his people. *

Do You Agree With The Tenants, Constitution, Bylaws, And The Membership Agreement Of Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc (DBA Kingdom Commission 28)? *

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