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The 2 types of members ministers we have are affiliate member ministers, and independent member ministers.

Both types of ministers shall be able to receive ongoing training, mentorship, and networking

opportunities of this Association.


1. Affiliated ministers=


are those who have completed the ordination program of this



2. Independent ministers=


have been recognized by another Christian body and

  their ordination program.


All ministers, regardless of denominational background, which believe in the principles, nature,

Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of this organization, may make application to become a

affiliate, or an independent member of this association.


These applications for membership in the

international body shall be subject to final approval by the Board of Directors including the Senior

Missional Pastor/President.


Current ministers who are a part of any local or regional fellowship must make separate

application to be an independent member minister of this association, and to receive its



All individuals seeking a new ministerial recognition by this organization, shall be either

commissioned, licensed, and ordained only after completing our ordinations program, and

approval by the Senior Missional Pastor/President.


Names of only affiliated member ministers shall be placed in an annual directory.


Membership in this organization confers no civil or property rights upon any independent member.


Please Click Either U. S. Or International Application Below

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