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On this page you will find training topics by Senior Missional Pastor Mike Abron with a link to the actual training course. 

These trainings are designed to help create a basic Biblical foundation for individuals to be to reach the harvest no matter what sphere of life they are in to fulfill the great commission (Going into the world and making disciples of the nations).    

This is also some of the required knowledge that we require those looking to be commissioned, licensed, or ordained by this association to know. For free listening purposes all audios are open to be listened to in whatever order

that you choose. 

Note: These trainings not designed to be towards college credits, but to give a foundational knowledge concerning God, christian life & ministry gift functions, and strategy 

for practically, and effectively making disciples  


Minister's Course Topics And Link


1. Bible Structure For Apologetic


2. Hermeneutics 

(The Interpretation Of Scriptures)


3. Ascension/Five Fold Gifts/ Spiritual Gifts

Understanding And Exploring Your Spiritual Gifts


4. The Purpose Of The Local Church


5. Trans-local Ministry


6. World Evangelism & World Religions


7. Church Planting/ Discipleship


8. Discipleship


9. What It Takes To Fulfill Your Calling


10. How To Reach Teens/ Young Adults


11. How To Reach Children


12.. Marketplace Minister

1. Bible Structure For Apologetics2. Hermeneutics(The Interpretation Of Scriptures)3. Ascension/Five Fold Gifts/ Spiritual GiftsUnderstanding And Exploring Your Spiritual Gifts4. The Purpose Of The Local Church5. Trans-local Ministry6. World Evangelism & World Religions7. Church Planting/ Discipleship8. Discipleship9. What It Takes To Fulfill Your Calling10. How To Reach Teens/ Young Adults11. How To Reach Children12.. Marketplace Minister


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