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This Membership Agreement is effective by and between the Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc., hereinafter referred to as Association, with a Central Headquarters in Westmont, Illinois 60559, and "Ray Of Hope Mission" of West Bengal, India hereinafter referred to as "International Independent Church/Ministry Member ". 1. Nature Of The Association The Association is a non-denominational Full Gospel church, ministry, minister, and individual Christian network facilitating the relational fellowship between God ‘s people for the advancement of God’s kingdom all over the world. We are purposed to do the following: To promote apostolic ministry and oversight of the people of God. (I Cor. 12:28, Acts 14:23, Eph. 4:8-11, Titus 1:5, I Peter 5:1-4). 2.To unite its ministers, ministries, and churches of effective promotion of the Kingdom of God. (Eph. 4:1-6) 3.To share responsibility in fulfilling the great commission of Christ; i.e., the proclamation of the Gospel of the Kingdom and evangelization of the world. 4.To give necessary aid, comfort, instruction, guidance, protection and correction to its ministries, and ministers. 5.To provide oversight, unification, and covering to its member churches, ministries, ministers, and individual Christians who may work harmoniously across cultural, and denominational boundaries in cooperation with each other, promoting the work and objects set forth in our Constitution and By-Laws. 6. To function based on the Scriptural concept that all true believers are members of the Body of which Christ is the Head (1 Cor. 12:12-13). 2. Defining International Independent Member Churches/Ministries These members may, or may not have obtained their own exemption status and may or may not have incorporated, but would like to have association with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. Independent Member Churches/Ministries are autonomous and may be in the process of getting incorporated, and have their own Constitution or/and Bylaws, Board, or Elders, and govern themselves. Independent member status provides the independent organization accountability and care oversight,, mentorship, and incorporation assistances if desired. 3. International Independent Member Church/Ministry Reporting Requirements Knowing that accountability is not only important to God, but also the laws of the land that he has established (Romans 13:1-10), Independent Members shall report annually activities on report forms that the central organization shall provide. International Independent churches/ministries are still required by law to report to their own state and government according to the requirements of said agencies. 4. Benefits All international independent members shall share in the privilege of receiving mentoring, training, networking opportunities, strategy council conducted by this Association, and to be able to fellowship with other churches, ministries, ministers, and individual Christians of likeminded faith. Those who meet the qualifications for membership are giving the rights be invited to attend membership meetings of this central organization, to speak at those meetings, and to serve on committees of this organization. Local churches, ministry organizations and ministers will receive a Membership, or minsters recognition certificate identifying them as members with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. These certificates are renewable annually on a calendar year basis. 5. Dues All international independent member churches/ministries may become affiliated with the Association for free ($00.00 dollars.) 6. Property Rights/Trademarks All international independent members are to maintain their own property under their own name, logo, etc…. Independent member churches/ministries may state their affiliation with this association if they wish, but may not use it’s name, logo, or property of kingdom construction Crew Ministries unless approved by the board of directors. Shall remain in good standing in the state/country where its place of worship or ministry operation is located. 7. Disputes (1)If the Member has a dispute with one or more other Members, the Member shall release the Association (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) from claims, demands and damages (actual and consequential) of every kind and nature, known and unknown, arising out of or in any way connected with such disputes. Please Note: According to Article XX (Conflict Resolution) in our Bylaws, at the request of either party to the conflict, this association shall make every effort to assist the parties in resolving their differences and being reconciled. 8. Indemnity International Independent Members shall indemnify and hold the Association (and its officers, directors, agents, subsidiaries, joint ventures and employees) harmless from any claim or demand, including reasonable attorneys' fees, made by any third party due to or arising out of Members breach of this Agreement, or Members violation of any law or the rights of a third party. 9. Mutual Interest (Life Style) The behavior of anyone in fellowship with this central organization is of common interest to the board of directors and membership. This association requires every Board member, member church, ministry, and minister to adhere to a life style that is consistent with the Christian doctrine as taught in the Holy Scriptures. Therefore, this association reserves the right to refuse service to any individual, whether member or not, that is not submitting their lifestyle to a Scriptural mode of conduct. This refusal would include services, benefits, and any use of association’s assets. The ethical code for staff, leaders, members, any commissioned, licensed, ordained ministers of this association are as follows: Must live a life lead by Gods Spirit and live per the Holy Scriptures concerning integrity and morality located in the Holy Bible. Must live a life of Sexual purity if single If married, must live a life of marital fidelity per the Holy Bible Must live a lifestyle of example and not participating in any illegal or immoral activities that would damage the reputation of the universal church or cause a brother to fall into sin (Romans 14:21-23). Must live a continued lifestyle in accordance to 1st Timothy 3:1-16 in the Holy Bible (KJV). 10. Terminating International Membership Any member of this association may be removed as a member for the following reasons: A.The international independent church or ministry’s delegate withdraws from being their representative. B.Upon the death of the delegate, and an international independent member church, or ministry does not secure another delegate within the subsequent twelve months. C.Failure to comply with the provisions of the Constitution/By-laws of Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. 11. Discipline This association will look to the Holy Scriptures for its faith and practice. Since the Scriptures are God's written Word, they are free from error as originally written and must be the source of authority and decision making for this organization. In its decision making, the Association will take into consideration church history and tradition, and the wealth of knowledge to be found within the writings of the scriptures. This organization, its leaders, staff and member churches, ministries, and ministers agree to strive to please God in all things and to abide by the teaching of Scripture. We will strive not only to understand the Scriptures, but when understood, to stand under its teaching and instruction. Both our individual and corporate lives will be placed under the authority of God's Word. Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. desires to encourage all persons called of God to fulfill their ministry. It does not sit in judgment on those who have made mistakes, but leaves them with God. If, however, their past has become seriously controversial, this association counsels them in the spirit of Christ to quietly pursue their ministry as God leads and helps them and to do nothing to cause themselves to become a further issue or matter of controversy, trusting that, in the course of time, God will heal the wounds and scars. If discipline arise, the Association shall follow the Biblical method laid down by Christ – that every effort be put forth to secure reconciliation, but if all else fails, then divine discipline should be in order (Matthew 18: 15-19). 12. Rights & Limitations Those who meet the qualifications for membership shall be invited to attend membership meetings of this central organization, to speak at those meetings, and to serve on committees of this organization. International Church/Ministry organizations will receive a Membership recognition certificate identifying them as independent members with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. These certificates are renewable annually on a calendar year basis. Churches/Ministries must be in agreement with the principles and procedures as set forth in the Constitution & By-laws principles, nature, Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of this organization of this association. Independent member churches may license, commission, and ordain ministers. Such licensed and ordained ministers shall be the responsibility of the local pastor, church, or ministry which confers said licensing, commissioning, or ordination. This association, in concert with the licensing, commissioning, or ordaining body, retains the right to recognize or withhold recognition for reasons of immorality or departure from the doctrine of Christ. Membership Agreement: By applying for membership, you agree to abide by the following: You agree to the constitution, bylaws, purpose, statement of faith, and the code of ethics of this association, and to live a lifestyle consistent with the ecclesiastical order, and sincerely held beliefs. You agree to submit to the leadership of this association who is the care oversight of this organization.

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