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All ministers, regardless of denominational background, which believe in the principles, nature, Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of this organization, may make application to become a member of this association. These applications for membership in the international body shall be subject to final approval by the Board of Directors including the Senior Missional Pastor/President. Current ministers who are a part of any local or regional fellowship must make separate application to be an active member of this association, and to receive its benefits. All individuals seeking ministerial recognition by this organization, shall be either commissioned, licensed, and ordained only after completing our ordinations program, and approval by the Senior Missional Pastor/President. Names of member ministers will be placed in an annual directory. international Member Minster are renewed by renewal application on an annual basis, their are no fees for international members. Membership in this organization confers no civil or property rights upon any member. *

This member minister shall voluntarily enter into full cooperative member affiliation with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries central office. They shall share in the privilege of mentoring, training, networking opportunities, strategy council conducted by this Association, and to be able to fellowship with other churches, ministries, ministers, and individual Christians of likeminded faith. Those who meet the qualifications for membership are giving the rights be invited to attend membership meetings of this central organization, to speak at those meetings, and to serve on committees of this organization. Commissioned Licensed, or Ordained Ministers will receive a minsters recognition certificate identifying them as Ministers and members with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. These certificates are renewable annually on a calendar year basis. This association retains the right to recognize or withhold recognition/affiliation for reasons of immorality or departure from the doctrine of Christ. Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. desires to encourage all persons called of God to fulfill their ministry. It does not sit in judgment on those who have made mistakes, but leaves them with God. If, however, their past has become seriously controversial, this association will counsels them in the spirit of Christ to quietly pursue their ministry as God leads them and to do nothing to cause themselves to become a further issue or matter of controversy, trusting that, in the course of time, God will heal the wounds and scars. Commissioned, licensed, or ordained Ministers shall be free to go wherever God may lead them to fulfill their own missionary/evangelistic endeavors. *

The undersigned, as an applicant for member minister with KINGDOM CONSTRUCTION CREW MINISTRIES INC, acknowledges and agrees that KINGDOM CONSTRUCTION CREW MINISTRIES INC. has no legal responsibility for the ministry and work of those who become affiliated with the Association, and that neither of its directors, officers, agents or employees shall be in any way be responsible or liable for the actions of the affiliated members. The undersigned acknowledges and agrees that the applicant (If Required By Their Government), will obtain liability insurance coverage, or will be self-insured to cover the acts of the applicant. All those who are commissioned, licensed, ordained, must understand, and comply with all local, state, federal, and international laws, in the performance of their ministerial duties. All commissioned, licensed, or ordained ministers shall renewal their status once a year with this organization. Any commissioned, licensed, ordained minister can have their status with this association revoked by a majority vote of the Board of Directors due to ethical violations, illegal activity, or participation in any activities that goes against the purpose, code of ethics, statement of faith, constitution or bylaws of this organization. *

Do You Still Agree With The Principles, Nature, Tenets Of Faith Doctrine, Purpose, And The Membership Agreement Of Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc (DBA Kingdom Commission 28)? *

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