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4. Outreach& Discipleship


These are those who are a part of our Christian Martial Arts Ministry, or any other ministries,

auxiliaries, or programs that are created by majority vote of the board of directors for outreach &

discipleship designed for the advancement of Christianity via church planting.

 Each member shall

fill out a ministry registration form according to the ministry, program, or auxiliary of participation

and shall receive a basic orientation of the purposes, doctrine, and Christian beliefs of this assosiation


Outreach & Discipleship Ministry Members shall be eligible to receive, pastoral care, council

discipleship, and sacrament from the senior missional pastor or appointed pastor he/she selects.

Shall able to attend any of the religious services, church plants, or bible studies conducted by this


Shall be able to participate in missional activities of this Association, even when in partnership

with any of its member churches, ministries, or ministers.

Shall be eligible to attend training classes conducted by this Association, to receive ministry

training for credentialing, and spiritual gift & callings activation.


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