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Non- Traditional Church Planting

New Churches



Local church&elders


2.Biblical leadership & Function Of The Local Church

What Is Biblical Church

Qualifications & Operations of a Christian leader

The Importance of not letting culture, or even some traditions alter our understanding

of A Biblical Church.

Working Effectively With Other Christian Leaders locally and universally

Avoiding Misuse & Abuse Of Church Positions

And Spiritual Gifts

How Your Experiences Will Help Others Both Your Successes, And Your Failures.

Christian Discipleship


3. Spiritual Rebirth Definition


4.Spiritual Warfare

Fighting for others through Spiritual Warfare


5. Finding Your Spiritual Gifts

Helping Others Find Their Spiritual Gifts And Purpose

Setting Time To Study God's Word And

Spending Time With God In Prayer



6.  Resolving personal Church Conflicts


7. Finding Your Calling

(What Has God Called You To Do?)

Becoming A Christian Leader.



8. Reaching Others That Are Non-Christians


9. Maintaining Your Faith In God Through Adversities


10. Resolving personal Church Conflicts

 Helping Others Resolve church, an other daily conflicts



House Church & Church In The Marketplace


Purpose: To reach those who will not, or cannot come to our church is to take the church as Jesus did to those who were outside of ,or had no knowledge of the church and God’s Kingdom. 


One of the most effective ways to reach different communities via house, and non-traditional church expressions would be to establish relationships with the communities people of influence such as the Mayors, police/fire personnel, hospitals, private doctors, lawyers, realtors, community service organizers, Businesses etc..


 From experience, this process can move very quick or slow all based of the spiritual warfare that must be overcome. For this type of community impact, training can be done for individuals or families that would like to be a part of the mission to relational build the kingdom of God in the local and surrounding communities of their church expression (House/Creative Church)


Structural Training Topics for potential leaders


1.Types Of House Churches Structures


2. Types Of Church In The Market Places Structures 


3. Basic Qualifications For Leaders


4. Are Their Any Legal Concerns ?


5. What Spiritual Gifts Are Needed For Starting A Church Of This These Types?


6. What Spiritual Gifts Are Needed To Maintain These Type Of Churches


7. How Is Community Started And Maintained? 


8. How To Resolve Conflict With Members ?


9. How To Have A Healthy Relationship With Outside Ministries


10 How These Communities Fulfill Their International (Global) Purpose  





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