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This Membership Agreement is effective by and between the Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc., hereinafter referred to as Association, with a Central Headquarters in Westmont Illinois 60559, and all current and future independent member churches/ministries of Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. hereinafter referred to as "Independent Members". 

Each independent church/ministry will be an self-governing body and, therefore, should have its own charter/bylaws.

If the church/ministry is just starting out, Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. can assist in establishing its charter/bylaws.

Each church/ministry will be required to complete a 30 day entry review period.

Article VlI. Member Churches

Section 1: Charter Churches

This organization may allow churches to become affiliated as subordinate churches . They shall also be known as fellowship churches. The purpose of the affiliation program is for the purpose of providing a central organization where all doctrine, polity and biblical church government derive. All churches that affiliate as a charter churches shall refer to this organization as the central organization.

Charter Churches :This group has its own Memberships, Board, and Constitution but is similar to its parent group Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. They come under the umbrella of the parent group and are able to operate in the state they reside as a charter status of this Association. Affiliates can be incorporated or unincorporated, but fall will under the heading of its parent organization.

Terms of Fellowship

Churches can become affiliated as subordinate organizations under the following conditions:

The pastor of the subordinate church shall: subject to the leadership and guidance of the central organization.

B.ardently adhere to and teach the doctrines and tenets as set forth by the central organization.

C.uphold and defend the central organization and its president.

D.apply to become an ordained minister through the central organization subject to the provisions of Article XIX of these bylaws.

Each subordinate church shall: given a fellowship member church program that will describes the details of the program

B.apply for admission in such manner as the central organization may prescribe by regulation it establishes through corporate resolutions.

C.sign a covenant agreement with the central organization. incorporated using the model incorporation requirements prescribed by the central organization and shall remain in good standing in the state where its place of worship is located.

E.adopt the model constitution and bylaws provided by the central organization.

appoint local elders to assist the pastor with the management of the affairs of the church by submitting their names to the Directors of the central organization for confirmation, and be subject to the leadership and guidance of the central organization.

F.ardently adhere to and teach the doctrines and tenets as set forth by the central


G.uphold and defend the central organization and its president.

H.Any member church that wishes to sever ties and leave the fellowship may do so only through the prescribed exit procedures that are in effect at the time by the board of directors. The procedures may change from time to time.

I.not sell, convey or dispose of Assets, without the written consent of the central organization.

J.maintain and control its assets in its own name.

K.upon dissolution, turn over all of its assets to the ownership of the central organization.

L.not dissolve unless written permission from the central organization has been granted and all assets shall be turned over the central organization.

M.submit a monthly report of income and expenses as well as a balance sheet of all assets and liabilities to the central organization in the way and on a form prescribed by the central organization..

N.Giving dues on an yearly bases to the central organization. 

Member Churches In International Countries

All existing churches in foreign countries of Christian (Christ Follower) back grounds which believe in the principles, nature, Tenets of Faith and doctrine, and purpose of this organization, may make application to become a member of this association.

These applications for membership in the international body shall be subject to final approval by the Board of Directors including the Senior Missional Pastor/President.

The church shall be represented through their Senior/Lead Pastor.

Churches who are a part of any other fellowship must make separate application to be an active member of this association, and to receive its benefits.

Names of member churches will be placed in an annual directory.

Membership in this corporation confers no civil or property rights upon any member.

Process Of Membership Acceptance

Any church desiring fellowship with this association shall be interview by at least two members of the Board of Director of this organization, with one of them being the Senior Missional Pastor/President. In the event, there's a hardship due to time and distance the Senior Missional Pastor, along with at least one of the board of directors may conduct the interview by phone be.

Rights And Benefits

Those who meet the qualifications for membership shall be invited to attend membership meetings of this organization, to speak at those meetings, and to serve on committees of this organization.

Local churches will receive a membership recognition certificate identifying them as members with Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc. These certificates are renewable annually on a calendar year basis.

What Is Our Responsibility To You?

(A)To provide oversight, fellowship for member churches who desired such

a relationship.

(B)To help member churches to connect with other churches across cultural, and or denominational boundaries.

(C)To give counsel, direction, and help to member churches, assisting them to be more effective in their ministry callings

(D)To provide trainings purposed to help our member churches organize for missional impact in their local communities.

(E)To guide, direct, guard and protect the member churches, seeking to meet their needs and assist in any way possible, and warning against harmful influences and guarding against false teachers.

(F)To pray for the spiritual and physical well-being of member churches of this association.

Church Membership Termination

Any member of this organization (whether a church, or minister) may be removed as a member for the following reasons:

A.Upon the request of the member

B.The church delegate (Pastor) withdraws from being their representative.

C.Upon the death of the delegate, and a member church does not secure another delegate within the subsequent twelve months.

D.Failure to comply with the provisions of the By-laws. 

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