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Kingdom Construction Crew Ministries Inc.

 DBA Name: Kingdom Commission 28

Reaching All Nations St. Matthew 28: 19-20

We are a Non Denominational Full-Gospel association of churches, ministries, ministers, and individual Christians. We are internationally focused to train or help churches,  ministries, ministers and individuals to fulfill the calling that God has placed upon them. We also help individuals who feel called to the traditional church, and also marketplace  ministry of evangelism, preaching the gospel, church planting and making disciples." 

This organization is organized for the purposes of developing the spirit of Christian fellowship and cooperative mission among individuals and churches, to provide mentoring, training, and networking opportunities for churches, ministries, ministers, and individual Christians throughout the world across denominational, cultural, and geographical boundaries.

We also train individuals to be commissioned, licensed and ordained ministers of the gospel who feel called by god to promote his Kingdom through cooperative spiritual moral, social, and civic welfare efforts, to establish places of worship, to teach and preach the gospel to all people, or conduct evangelistic, and humanitarian outreaches. 


We do not take over or control the work that God has placed in anyone's life since Jesus Christ is the head of the church and not a man or organization.

We are here to support, inspire, encourage, mentor and assist those who feel the call of God to do and to serve as a platform for networking, and relationships to form among members of the body of Christ .

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